PLIS SAFE Surveillance

You’re in control with a complete overview

The PSS is a centralized monitoring solution developed to collect data from all AGRAMKOW SAFE-EN systems in a factory and store them in the PLIS database.
The PSS allows users to design graphical views containing status information collected from the different SAFE-EN’s. By using monitors and TV screens this information can be distributed to personnel and workers within the factory. In case of an alarm or an emergency the PSS can be used to quickly pinpoint the location of the problem.
Additionally the PSS will monitor and collect historical data from the SAFE-EN units. This means that Gas sensor readings can be monitored over a long period of time to see eventual needs for calibration or maintenance. The PSS will also store a complete log and all alarms in the system for later reference.


Easily accessible User-friendly visuals for SAFE-EN system
• Monitors
• Panel PCs
• TV Screen

Quick overview of entire installation
• One view covers large geographical areas
• Pinpoint exactly where an alarm is present
• Guide emergency personnel units to the correct location

Enhanced documentation and reporting
• Centralized collection of all SAFE related information
• Uses existing Ethernet infrastructure
• Compatible with existing PLIS installation (PLIS 5.1+)
• Reporting to local authorities just got easier
• Analysis of general safety
• Now SAFE-EN data available on the network
• Preventive maintenance on gas sensors saves time and money
• on demand reporting compatible with PDF and MS Office products
• Email support

Flexibile solutions
• Customizable or standard display
• Drag and drop – no programming skills required
• SAFE nodes can be grouped to allow area supervision
• Thin clients


The PSS Designer can be customized to represent your production facility.

Example report based on historical date from a real production.