PLIS 5 Basic

For total quality documentation and traceability

PLIS Basic acquires data from every step in the production flow, ensuring complete traceability. It covers component manufacturing and pre-assemply, the process area, the test area, and the inspection and packing area.

Our latest PLIS 5 Basic includes
  • Communication with all supported devices (charging, EST, CPT, CVC, Provac etc.)
  • Model, limit and event management
  • Workshift management
  • Barcode handling
  • PLIS analyzer – reporting engine
  • Results view
  • Area, Line, PC and device management
  • User management
  • Printing functions including autoprint
  • User support with wizards
  • Support for multiple languages
  • PLIS Basic registers each product, and ensures the appropriate manufacturing processes and tests for that product are conducted and documented. The more complicated the production operation is - say production lines with product variants – the more a company stands to benefit. 


  • To capture real-time information from every critical phase of your production line
  • To assure complete documentation and traceability
  • To implement actionable quality improvement initiatives
  • It's modular design gives you the flexibility to add on new data access parameters as needed
  • For better and more efficient control over production lines with product variants


The traceability function shows the history of the production process. The graph shows the result of an individual test.