PLIS SMART production management solution

Do you want to implement Industry 4.0 in your production plant? AGRAMKOW has the PLIS SMART solution for you

What is that makes AGRAMKOW PLIS a SMART solution?

• PLIS is a software application designed for monitoring and controlling end of line production for air conditioning and refrigerator manufactures
• PLIS interconnects AGRAMKOW devices and interfaces to a number of third party devices
• PLIS increases quality, improves productivity and provides management with real time data for decision making
• PLIS reduces the need for human decision making
• PLIS gives full product traceability and ensures that products leaving the factory has been produced and tested according to specification

PLIS (Production Line Information System) is designed to enable appliance manufacturers to monitor and improve every process in the production line while at the same time providing new insight into how you can make your line more productive and cost effective. 

AGRAMKOW PLIS 5 solution contains a basic server or stand alone version, where you can add 9 plug-in's to gain complete control of your manufacturing line. To read more click on the items below.