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Operator Interface

Direct interface with PLIS Smart Suite

The visual inspection in the production lines of manufacturers is not only time-consuming, but also very difficult to trace and monitor. The Operator Interface gives the advantage of easy registration of faulty products. Real time collection of failure codes on a server combined with other system features gives the possibility of additional productivity gains.

The Operator Interface integrates real time registration of failure codes in the production process, and the flexibility and user friendliness sets a new standard for medium to high volume appliance manufacturers. It is now possible to achieve visual inspection and real time failure code collection, without using administrative time unnecessarily. The Operator Interface makes fast response possible and faulty products can be sent directly to the relevant repair zone.

The Operator Interface for PLIS Smart Suite can be adapted for different areas in the production. It can be used in mixed production as well as batch production. Combine it with the Repair Interface and increase productivity even more.


Appliance production software for equipment and machines

PLIS Smart Suite

The world most advanced production line information system in the appliance production industry market. Gain market advantages using AGRAMKOW PLIS Smart Suite in your production facilities. 

Critical Component Verification Software application for appliance production lines

Critical Component Verification

The Critical Component Verification application software ensures your production quality for appliances. Identify and monitor every single critical component in your appliance production chain. Gather more data analysis than you have ever dreamed of.

Interface from production line to repair area

Repair Interface

The Repair Interface application software between operators and production systems that shows the data from the exact quality issue in the production line. This data (including graphical images) is used to identify where repairs has to be made.  

Operator Interface from the production line to PLIS Smart Suite

Operator Interface

The Operator Interface Software application is the ultimate tool to ensure human intelligence adding between real on line observations and production software for quality insurance and high productivity.