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Big Data and Data Mining Show the Way

PLIS Smart Suite allows you to take advantage of big data and data mining to help you understand what is really going on and make sound decisions. In other words: Act with confidence In doing so, you substantially reduce defects and reworks, cut waste, slash costs, increase resource utilization, and improve cycle times.

Data-driven Industry 4.0 Production is the Way Forward

Many consider Industry 4.0 as a relevant solution to the constantly increasing pressure to maintain efficiency and productivity. At AGRAMKOW, we agree. However, in order to take full advantage of Industry 4.0 there is a need for huge amounts of data and a way to turn all the data into actionable insights.
PLIS Smart Suite collects and stores thousands of data-points throughout the production process and turns them into customized reports to help you identify and solve operational issues - before they become problems.
So, whether you are into OEE, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - PLIS Smart Suite allows you to make better decisions.

Making Life Simpler

PLIS Smart Suite is an out-of-the-box software solution that runs on existing infra-structure. With it, you can store data locally, centrally, or in the cloud – whatever makes your life simpler, a fact which will be appreciated by your IT department.
Your operations and quality staff also benefit. With PLIS Smart Suite you make a centralized roll-out of parameters and processes to ensure a uniform way of working. This makes it simpler to add new employees and have them deliver optimum quality in a productive way from day one.
At the management level you need to get an overview without spending too much time on details. PLIS Smart Suite collects huge amounts of data and turns them into actionable insights – with the ideal level of details – making it much easier to make the right decisions.

Imagine the impact on your bottom line!

What’s not to like? So, why wait? Contact us now and let us show you how you can take the performance of your production line to a whole new level.

Root Cause Identification
PLIS Smart Suite determines the root cause of defects helping you avoid re-works and re-calls through the capture of real-time feedback on every aspect of the production.

#02 Complete Traceability
PLIS Smart Suite provides complete traceability by registering each product and ensuring the appropriate manufacturing processes and tests are conducted and documented.

Actionable Overview
PLIS Smart Suite transforms thousands of data points throughout production
into actionable reports, helping you identify operational issues before they
become problems.

Appliance production software for equipment and machines

PLIS Smart Suite

The world most advanced production line information system in the appliance production industry market. Gain market advantages using AGRAMKOW PLIS Smart Suite in your production facilities. 

Critical Component Verification Software application for appliance production lines

Critical Component Verification

The Critical Component Verification application software ensures your production quality for appliances. Identify and monitor every single critical component in your appliance production chain. Gather more data analysis than you have ever dreamed of.

Interface from production line to repair area

Repair Interface

The Repair Interface application software between operators and production systems that shows the data from the exact quality issue in the production line. This data (including graphical images) is used to identify where repairs has to be made.  

Operator Interface from the production line to PLIS Smart Suite

Operator Interface

The Operator Interface Software application is the ultimate tool to ensure human intelligence adding between real on line observations and production software for quality insurance and high productivity. 

Case Story


Are you interested in having a Industry 4.0 solution integrated into your end of line production facility?

If yes - then have a look at our customers video, where he talks about AGRAMKOW's PLIS SMART solution and see the benefits he has gained.

The production facility in Valeggio sul Mincio epitomises true Rittal excellence as regards the production of climate control systems for enclosures and IT infrastructure.
Amongst the Rittal factories, the Italian plant is an important technological hub, perfectly coordinating the production lines and the finished products in full compliance with the Know How 4.0 concept.