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A new approach to A2L Gas Monitoring


New classification, new rules

The introduction of the mildly flammable classification, A2L, offers new ways of performing gas monitoring. At AGRAMKOW, we are at the forefront of this development and, with the launch of SAFE-BOX, we are able to offer customers a state-of-the-art gas monitoring system.

Safe gas monitoring

SAFE-BOX is designed to ensure a safe operation during the charging of air conditioners and refrigerators on production lines where A2L classified refrigerants are used. With its solid and rugged industrial design, SAFE-BOX is the ideal system for use in new production line setups or when converting from non-flammable to mildly flammable refrigerants in an existing system.

SAFE-BOX consists of a gas sensor that detects possible leaks. The gas sensor comes with two pre-programmed alarm levels that comply with EN standards. It includes a fan that creates ventilation flow, and a sensor that detects that there is sufficient ventilation flow throughout the entire system.

SAFE-BOX connects to any AGRAMKOW charging station designed for use with flammable refrigerants.

Reduced costs

Not only does SAFE-BOX provide safe operation of the equipment, but it does so at reduced costs. The hardware investment is significantly lower than in traditional gas monitoring systems because no factory exhaust ventilation system is required. This means there is no need to invest in the many parts that make up a major ventilation system, such as hoods, fans, and ducts, to move air to the outside from the production area.

Also, the initial installation is plug-and-play, and the system can be up and running within hours, compared to days with other systems.

Reduced energy loss

The SAFE-BOX ventilation system draws air from the production area and releases it back into the production area. As a result, energy loss is reduced considerably, since there is no air being transferred outside.

Meets the highest standards

The SAFEBOX safety concept as designed by AGRAMKOW complies with rigorous standards and directives. Furthermore, SAFEBOX has been evaluated by TÜV so that you can receive the required approval from your local authorities quickly and easily.

Technical Specifications:

Classification: According to ISO 817:2014 A2L refrigerant

Dimensions: 344 * 536 * 749 (WxHxD)

Weight: 44 Kg

Working temperature: 10 – 50 °C

Max. Relative humidity: 85% nc

Maximum Operating Altitude Above Sea Level: 1500 m

Supply voltage: 100 – 240 VAC 1 PH+N+PE

Nominal cycles: 50 – 60 Hz

Power Consumption MAX: 115 VA

MAX Fuse protection: 16 A

Enclosure: IP 54

Ventilation connection: DN 100

Flow performance min.: 50m3/h