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KT1886R & KT1886S

The reliable safety tester for appliance products

Electrical safety is a key concern for the appliance industry. Legislation has put strict demands on electrical products for consumer and industrial uses, ensuring that they do not leave manufacturing with a faulty insulation, which can pose a risk for the end-user's safety.

For manufacturers this requires reliable electrical safety testing equipment that can help prove that their products comply with existing electrical safety regulations and standards, and in the event of damage, help them trace a product through its processing procedures - with up to 10 years history.

Tailored for appliance products

With the KT1886R/S electrical safety tester from AGRAMKOW you need not worry about rules and standards that govern safe electrical work. It is designed to perform tests for ground bond, high voltage, insulation, function and continuity.

The perfect match with your PLIS system

Available in two models and especially suited to test appliance products like refrigerators and air conditioners, the KT1886R/S allows tests according to the many standards e.g. IEC, EN, UL and VDE. The KT1886R/S supports component and function testing, too.

The KT1886R/S can be integrated into the production line system (PLIS) enabling you to continuously improve production, quality and safety processes.

The design and capability of enhanced product traceability of the KT1886R/S is fully compliant with the increased demand for product liability, improved quality and reduced production costs.


  • Designed for production environments
  • Intuitive interface with colour LCD
  • Flexible test programming
  • Full PLIS integration using Ethernet connection
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Local backup of test programs and results
  • Local printing of results and limits
  • AC/DC flash testing up to 6kV and 100 mA
  • Conveyor interface using digital I/O
  • Operator interface with visual step
  • User identification and logging
  • Extensive accessories and options

Standard accessories:

  • Power cable Plug for voltage supply to load test
  • User manual

Optional accessories:

  • Connection panels with two hand operation
  • Earth bond test probe
  • Earth bond test clamb
  • Dut connection cable
  • Test dummy

Tests according to:

  • EN 60335: Household appliances - EN 50106: Routine tests for EN 60335
  • EN 60204: Machinery
  • EN 60598: Lights/luminaries
  • EN 60745: Handheld tools
  • EN 60601: Medical equipment
  • EN 50191: Erection and operation of test equipment
  • UL250: Household refrigerators and freezers
  • UL484: Room air conditioners
  • UL303: Refrigeration and air conditioning condensing and compressor units