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The basic solution


Everything you need to improve your everyday productivity

AGRAMKOW has re-engineered SARATRONIC, high performance, low maintenance evacuation and charging stations equipped and priced for small and medium sized refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers. 

Offering the value and performance you're looking for, SARATRONIC comes with everything you need to improve the everyday productivity of your evacuation and charging operations. It is also well-suited for applications like heat pumps, liquid coolers and vending machines. Built to EN 60204-1 industry standards and housed in a robust enclosure, SARATRONIC is extremely functional, robust and operator friendly.

High performance. Low maintenance.

SARATRONIC has a new integrated pump unit with optimized measurement and temperature sensors that takes filling accuracy performance to a higher level:

20-100 g +/- 1g and > 100 g +/- 1%

The temperature sensor is now placed right next to the pump outlet, so it measures and regulates the temperature of the refrigerant with greater precision.

With SARATRONIC, everything is exactly where your operator will want it to be. The controls are on the top panel. The refrigerant bottle is easy to access and change. And the mechanical and electrical components are in easy reach for quick servicing.

So your operators save time on maintenance, and that saves you money through better manpower and equipment utilization.


Upgraded design improves efficiency and accuracy, speeds mean time to repair (MTTR) and increases evacuation and charging productivity!

  • Programmable channels for high production volume
  • Direct setting of charge for easy start-up
  • Alarm alerts to empty refrigerant bottle
  • Time or pressure based evacuation
  • Mobile, self-contained station
  • Gas to liquid converter

Non-flammable (R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R22)

A Two Star Lineup

SARATRONIC is available for both one and two refrigerants: SARATRONIC and SARATRONIC F2.

  • Barcode reading system 
  • Printer interface 
  • Communication package for data storage
  • 2 sided evacuation
  • 2 media / charging guns 
  • Heating blanket
  • Central supply

Switch to evironmentally acceptable refrigerants

Change to flammable solutions

Governmental and environmental legislations urge manufacturers all around the world to utilize flammable refrigerants instead of non-flammable ones. If you are considering to make the switch, we at AGRAMKOW are more than happy to provide you with the necessary guidance.