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A smart investment


Speed has never been this economical

SARAMAX-F makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to AGRAMKOW charging technology. And it all happens with the speed of the dual-action charging cylinder that works as a pump and charging cylinder.

More performance and flexibility

Choose SARAMAX-F in versions for flammable or non-flammable refrigerants for unprecedented performance in an all-in-one solution either for 1 or 2 media.

Cost-saving dual-action charging cylinder

The cylinder works as a pump and charging cylinder. As a result, you eliminate the cost of a separate pump. And you’ll use less space. And less money thanks to its positive displacement design that assures low maintenance. Anyway you look at it, you save.

Reliability and safety

AGRAMKOW has conducted extensive studies to develop equipment managing R1234yf for automotive applications. One of our priorities has been to develop a cost effective way to make this possible, without compromising safety or performance.

AGRAMKOW work closely with industry partners and TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein - Technical Inspection Association) to assure the performance, reliability and safety of our R1234yf solutions.

The SARAMAX-F is designed according to AGRAMKOW’s TÜV approved concept. This guaranties full ATEX compliance and ensures safe and reliable operation.


R600a, R290 (HC), R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, ISCEON 89 and R22 (NF)

1 or 2 media

SARAMAX is available for both one and two refrigerants and bottle and central supply capabilities.