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A revolution in flammable charging

No-Zone charging solution

Cost and energy efficient solution

The AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging solution is a groundbreaking, cost efficient, complete package with minimal setup time designed to assure a safe operation during production of air conditioners or refrigerators using flammable or mildly flammable refrigerants.

This pioneering solution can be easily installed and has all the safety features built-in. Developed to significantly reduce the total cost of your charging setup with minimal requirements for changes in your existing layout such as expensive ventilation setups or other safety installations.

Compared to traditional charging solutions for flammable refrigerants, the No-Zone concept is designed to reduce the energy consumption in your charging area of up to 90%. Not only is the energy needed to drive a ventilation reduced but more importantly only a fraction of the conditioned air in the factory is ventilated to the outside, making this the most eco-friendly solution available on the market.

Your benefits

» Low total cost of ownership
» Fast and easy installation
» Multiple setup possibilities
» Eco-friendly
» No hazardous area
» No compromise on safety
» High accuracy charging
» Easy maintenence with easy access to components
» Industry 4.0 ready
» Centralized management with PLIS Smart Suite.