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A revolution in flammable charging

No-Zone charging solution

Eliminate traditional safety zone around your charging station without compromising safety

Cost efficient, complete package solution with minimal setup time designed to assure a safe operation during production of air conditioners or refrigerators using flammable or mildly flammable refrigerants. The AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution is a ground-breaking and extremely safe way for you to take your refrigerant charging to the next level.

Your benefits

» Low total cost of ownership
» Fast and easy installation
» Multiple setup possibilities
» Eco-friendly
» No compromise on safety
» High accuracy charging
» Easy maintenance 
» Industry 4.0 ready
» Centralized management with PLIS Smart Suite

The Easy, Safe Way to Help Reduce Global Warming

No safety zones
The No-Zone Charging Solution has all fully integrated safety system that provides a safe working environment without the need for a traditional safety zone.

A core part of the safety system is an innovative technology we have named SafeConnect™ because that is exactly what it does. The charging adaptor and system are subjected to an automatic leak test before each filling and a mechanical lock ensures a correct, 100 percent safe connection. The ingenious solution is the main reason why there is no longer a need for a traditional safety zone, hence the name AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution.

No complex installation
This pioneering solution can be easily installed and has been developed to significantly reduce the total cost of your charging setup with minimal requirements for changes in your existing layout. You no longer have to worry about costly ATEX tools, knee walls, conveyor trays, and complex ventilation.

By eliminating the need for a safety zone, the AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution will fit into your existing production line without any rebuilding. On top of that, due to the elimination of a safety zone, the production area can be laid out and utilized better and to a higher degree. That’s not all. The installation of a traditional A3 refrigeration charging station is often very complicated, hence time consuming, which increases the risk of losing valuable production time. Not so with the AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution because we use standard modules where every factor – even ventilation – has been built in, typically reducing the time needed for installation by a factor of four.

And don’t worry about a time-consuming approval process either. The AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution has been developed in accordance with the worldwide ATEX directives and what’s more: The complete system has been pre-approved by TÜV and other certification organizations to ensure an easy and rapid approval process by local authorities. In other words: Your production is up and running almost immediately after installation.

No excessive maintenance and consumption
Because the AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution consists of standard modules, the maintenance needed is easy and efficient. There are several reasons. First, the modular design makes it very simple to perform preventive maintenance and avoid production stops. Second, the modules are based on proven technology, built together in an innovative way, and tested and applied over and over again. Third, if something should happen, there is easy access to all components, so repair or exchange time is very short.

Compared to traditional charging solutions for flammable refrigerants, the No-Zone solution is designed to reduce the energy consumption in your charging area of up to 90%. Not only is the energy needed to drive a ventilation reduced but more importantly only a fraction of the conditioned air in the factory is ventilated to the outside, making this the most eco-friendly solution available on the market.

At AGRAMKOW we simply say NO!

NO safety zones
NO excessive investments
NO need for rebuilding of production area
NO complex ventilation system needed
NO customized tray needed
NO demand for ATEX tools in the process area
NO complex approval process
NO safety compromises
NO additional safety system(s)

YES, this may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It is reality.
Now, imagine what the new AGRAMKOW No-Zone Charging Solution can do for your production – and the environment.