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The "all in one" solution


High accuracy charging

The EMAC evacuation and charging station is available in three models ranging from charging speeds from 40 g/sec to speeds up to 150 g/sec. all offering high accuracy for manufacturers of refrigerators and air-conditioners.

The feature for the valuation of production data makes the EMAC an instrument for quality assurance and production documentation.

The EMAC automatically performs the following processes:

  • Evacuation
  • Vacuum check
  • Leak/system check
  • Refrigerant charging
Product range
Charging speed up to 60 g/sec.
External pressure supply required.

Charging speed up to 150 g/sec.
External refrigerant supply required.

Charging speed up to 60 g/sec.
With integrated refrigerant supply pump.


Enhanced manual channel selection mode, e.g.

  • 1 Last channel selection,
  • 9 Quick channel selections and
  • Top ten
  • Start/Stop keypad on gun
  • Installation flexibility
  • Built-in interface and user program for bar code scanner and printer
  • Sensor diagnostics (pressure, vacuum, temperature, piston position)
  • Self evacuation for easy start-up
  • Time or pressure based evacuation
  • Outlet of hoses can be on the right or left side
  • Disposable filter – no cleaning of filter housing
  • AGRAMKOW Massflow module
  • PLIS compliant

Non-flammable (R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R22) or oil

  • Measurement of charging quantity independent of ambient temperatures
  • Easy operation and service
  • Self-monitoring and fault diagnostics
  • Designed according to ergonomics
  • Minimum refrigerant escape at disconnection of the gun
  • Two-sided evacuation (additional gun)
  • ADC- Automatic disconnection of gun
  • Mobile version with supply pump and bottle trolley; space for one bottle
  • Bar code scanner incl. configurable bar code
  • Printer including standard print out format
  • Control of external supply pump
  • Fixed arm with balancer
  • Light tower
  • Gun hose extension to 6 m

RS-170 Supply pump control comes with the EMAC either build in (mobile version) or external. EMAC and supply pump is ordered together means all installation parts is included.

Switch to evironmentally acceptable refrigerants

Change to flammable solutions

Governmental and environmental legislations urge manufacturers all around the world to utilize flammable refrigerants instead of non-flammable ones. If you are considering to make the switch, we at AGRAMKOW are more than happy to provide you with the necessary guidance.