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Extreme Modular


100% tailored to your production line

CPT-XM is suitable for wide range of end-of-line test applications in the appliance industry, and can be tailored to your production line with standardized, reliable modules. CPT-XM is designed for accurate short term or long term tests, and it is suitable for many test parameters: Temperature, pressure, power, air flow and humidity.

It has five basic hardware modules and a unique sensor feature that lets you configure exactly the system you need to perform a variety of test procedures quickly and seamlessly. The CPT-XM system scalability enables users to easily and economically add modules with features and test functions as needed. We also made the CPT-XM rugged to withstand the rigors of a fast-paced production environment to assure maximum uptime and availability.

In addition to testing capacity and efficiency, CPT-XM can be used to test specific functions in a product's components or controls. 

The test box can be mounted on either movable systems with IR communication or on stationary systems with cable communication.

Further more the CPT-XM is interfaced to PLIS Smart Suite - our data acquisition and analysis system for quality documentation.


  • Cost efficient: Easy customization for each customer's unique needs
  • Standardized and modular hardware – possible to add on modules as needed
  • Flexible software by use of sensor technology. Simply change sensor devices when new testing needs are required
  • Possible to test several functions simultaneously and start/stop testing independently
  • Ideal for production lines with mixed products
  • Open database structure: easy interaction with common standard software programs
  • Power module with DSP technology for superior accuracy
  • Easy calibration: sensors can be calibrated independent of the test box without interrupting the production.