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Verifiable Quality You Can Trace

AGRAMKOW´s PROTRACE provides the testing quality necessary to give you confidence in your findings and help you achieve Sigma Six level quality standards. It presents the opportunity to perform different pressure tests or conduct tracer gas filling, using different media for both FLOW test and LEAK testing with just one test instrument. Better yet, it houses an electronic control that makes PROTRACE compatible with the Production Line Information System (PLIS) and is ready to go on-line with your production line system for easy set-up, verification and traceability. You can use either a printer or PLIS for traceability.

Comprehensive Features

PROTRACE provides the flexibility never before found in one single system. It comes with either an ejector generated vacuum or vacuum pump.

With PROTRACE, you can perform complete UL/EN specific testing. You can even use it with a snifter to conduct leak detection tests. So you can maximize testing utility, drive down costs, and reduce the time required to obtain the information needed to make quality decisions for small test volume refrigerator and large volume air conditioning units.

Efficient and Cost Effective

PROTRACE's intuitiv, easy to use interface and testing versatility save time and increase workflow efficiency. By providing highly reliable testing before you reach final assembly, you can reduce the time needed to correct defects already in the early stages of production.

Plus, PROTRACE's durability makes it more cost effective by maximizing uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through scheduled Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM).

Six Sigma Ready

Globalization has changed customers' expectations of quality. This is why more and more companies are adopting Six Sigma Quality, a highly disciplined process that focuses on producing defect-free products while increasing production effectiveness. By helping you to eliminate flow or leak defects, PROTRACE can do its part to help you reduce losses and achieve world-class manufacturing quality standards.

Installation flexibility

Outlet of hoses can be on the right or left side - up and down.


Gas types

  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Forming gas


  • Integrated filter, no additional cost
  • Tracer gas supply pressure monitoring system
  • Built in pressure relief valve
  • The opportunity to offer 2 media, one for flow
    test and one for leak detection
  • Options for 2 pressure settings of tracergas
    and flow
  • Total Preventive Maintenance
  • PLIS compliance – Management of data,
    traceability, improving productivity
  • PASS/FAIL interface
  • Start/ Stop can be placed at conveyor for
    easier handling