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The big Difference for your leak detection capabilities


Leak Detection is Good Business

It almost goes without saying that leak detection is good business in a highly competitive industry. With AGRAMKOW’s MULTIDETECTOR units you can test for leaks in the optimum way for your specific production line. We recommend you perform the test before as well as after refrigerant filling, but if it fits your production set-up better to do it one way or the other, we have the perfect solution for that as well.

Automatic Measurement Compensation

The MULTIDETECTOR leak detectors automatically correct for any background contamination. This ensures the only leaks registered come from the specific source and helps minimize any unnecessary interruptions to your production operations.

Rapid Recovery, More Uptime

Gross leaks can be a productivity nightmare since traditional detectors can require a recovery time of up to 30 minutes or even more. By contrast, it only takes 30 seconds with a MULTIDETECTOR unit. This means you can resume production quickly, with the least delays on the production line.

Too Little Is Too Much

Any leaks that pass inspection undetected will almost certainly kick back later, in the form of product returns and complaints which both have a big impact on costs. The MULTIDETECTOR leak detectors ensure fewer costly returns, as well as fewer complaints which harm your brand’s reputation.


  • Can be used with all mainstream tracer gases and refrigerants
  • High sensitivity registering leaks as little as 0.5 g/year
  • Gross leak recovery within 30 seconds
  • Easy-to-use check clamps featuring ergonomic design and robust materials
  • Eight semi-automatic check clamps for reliable detection of tracer gas and refrigerant leakages
  • Unique AutoDetect feature allows the leak detection process to begin when the first clamp has been positioned
  • Automatic correction for any background contamination
  • Mass spectrometer or turbomolecular pump for precision analysis of any leaks
  • Built-in PLIS SmartSuite-enabled connectivity provides ideal opportunities for reducing errors and shaving minutes or even hours off production time



The MULTIDETECTOR-T is designed to perform leak detection using tracer gas - typically, performed after the assembly area and before the product is evacuated.

The process consists of 3 steps: filling of tracer gas, leak detection using the MULTIDETECTOR-T station, and emptying or recovering of the tracer gas.

For tracer gas filling and recovery, the AGRAMKOW stations PROTRACE and HRM6 are recommended.



The MULTIDETECTOR-R is designed to perform leak detection using the refrigerant inside the product – typically, performed during or just after the performance test to ensure a high refrigerant pressure in the cooling circuit. This process only requires the MULTIDETECTOR-R station.

Every Joint Checked and Registered

The AGRAMKOW MULTIDETECTOR technology helps your line operators do their jobs better and more easily. Eight easy-to-use, semi-automatic, and clearly numbered check clamps make sure the right checks are carried out in the right places at the right time. It’s as simple as that.

The Check Clamp Advantage

Instead of your operators passing sensor wands/sniffer probes close to where leaks might be, the check clamps fitted on the MULTIDETECTOR unit fit snugly around the appropriate pipes and joints and feature specially designed chambers inside for accurate detection of any leaks. But that’s not all. The unique AutoDetect feature even lets the leak detection begin when the first clamp is
positioned which guarantees a smooth and efficient process.