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Automated Leak Detection

Designed to ensure consistency, improve production efficiency and increase product quality

Proven reliability

The innovative automated leak detection solution is designed to enhance quality, increase productivity, reduce warranty cost, and can carry out highly accurate leak detection that are beyond the capabilities of human operators. Ensuring that the leak detection process is correct every time.

The solution is capable of detecting very small leaks and with the revolutionary sniffer probe head, it enables 360° leak detection of a given joint. This exceeds other equivalent solutions available on the market which can only detect 180° or 50% of the joint.

The solution carries out repetitious leak detection that ensures consistency and increases detection reliability. The leak detection process is carried out exactly the same way at all times and with an integration to PLIS Smart Suite, you can have full traceability of all the products on your production line and find the root cause of any leaks detected. PLIS Smart Suite collects data from your production line and can help you spot leak trends that indicate a recurring issue so you can optimize your processes accordingly to improve your product quality.

Your benefits

  • Repeatability and consistency
  • Fully automated process handling
  • Eliminates human errors with automated process
  • Patented 360° sniffer probe head
  • Cutting edge 3D vision technology
  • Multiple leak detection points
  • Maximum leak detection certainty
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Reliable leak detection even with high background contamination
  • Reliable production traceability and root cause analysis of any leaks with PLIS Smart Suite