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Saving valuable production time


Optimising the vacuum process

The evacuation process for refrigerator and Air Condition Manufacturers are not only one of the most time-consuming stages in the production process but also one of the highest contribution to failure rates which means higher manufacturing costs.

The PROVAC evacuation station secures the possibility for optimising the Vacuum process in order to save valuable production time using a new microprocessor controlled Vacuum controller which ensures an automatic pass/fail indication together with connectivity to the AGRAMKOW PLIS System for improved traceability.

The PRO-VAC product range includes a variety of evacuation solutions for different applications; e.g. evacuation kit for mounting in a conveyor system, kit for integrators or complete Evacuation Station for stationary installation.
SMART functions have been implemented due to maintenance and quality improvement e.g. Sensor diagnostics, TPM and gas ballast valve control.


• Individually programmable evacuationcycle
• Evacuation on time and/or pressure
• Pressure rise test possible
• Pass/Fail signal
• Graphical display
• Compact design
• Easy to install
• Easy to program
• Sensor diagnostic
• TPM Management
• PLIS Connection available

The process sequence consists of several process steps and can be individually configured as required.
For each step a vacuum level or time can be programmed.
It is also possible to select a pressure rise test to check for rough leaks. While the evacuation process is running, relevant data is shown on the display.