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AGRAMKOW assures safe operation during a production line charging air-conditioners or refrigerators using flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons R600 or R290. We aim to provide guidelines for management to establish safety concepts and equipment to prevent and detect safety hazards.

AGRAMKOW safety concepts for A2, A2L and A3 hydrocarbon refrigerants

As of 2014, the three groups of toxic and non-toxic refrigerants were expanded with the addition of the 2L sub-class as certain refrigerants revealed lower flammability properties.

AGRAMKOW has developed several new concepts, which accommodate for the use of different flammable refrigerants according to ISO and ATEX standards. Using AGRAMKOW concepts, you make sure that the safety and health of your workers is the highest priority. Every proposed solution will never exceed ATEX Zone 2 and is therefore a cost effective choice for your production.


ISO 5149-1/3 has defined a new standard for the mildly flammable A2L refrigerants. In response to the A2L demands, AGRAMKOW has developed the SAFE-BOX concept built on the ISO5149 standard. The SAFE-BOX concept is a cost efficient solution that covers all safety demands for A2L charging areas.

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The AGRAMKOW safety supervision system SAFE-EN is intended for the use of all flammable refrigerants: A2, A2L and A3 by accommodating the standard for functional safety: EN ISO 13849-1/2. With the SAFE EN system you can ensure complete safety in your production area and can be adapted to your specific needs.

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AGRAMKOW NO Zone Concept:

The AGRAMKOW No Zone concept is designed to assure a safe operation during a production line charging of air-conditioners and refrigerators, using A3 or A2L classified refrigerants with no extra ventilation needs. 

The AGRAMKOW Safe Zone concept has been designed according to ATEX 2014/34/EC and 1999/92/EC directives as well as other applicable regulations and reviewed accordingly by TÜV SÜD Industry Service to assure the approval by local authorities.






The safety concepts developed by AGRAMKOW have been assessed and approved by TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency). We have obtained certificates of conformity by TÜV for our products as well as our safety systems, guaranteeing you easy implementation and safety approval of your production line. AGRAMKOW has done the hard work for you.. 

We are proud to show exemplary certificates for the Safe Zone Concept, including the SAFE EN and the Evacuation Unit Vacon 1-Ex issued by TÜV SÜD and TÜV Nord.