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AGRAMKOW Asia Pacific celebrates 25 years

The AGRAMKOW office in Singapore is celebrating 25 years of business in 2021. Hans Jorn Petersen, Managing Director of AGRAMKOW Asia Pacific, remarked the rich history, individuals, customers, and the innovations that helped shape the success of the Asia Pacific office.

AGRAMKOW Asia has come a long way since we started in humble settings in Singapore in 1996” said Hans Jorn Petersen. “Now 25 years later, AGRAMKOW has a full regional set-up with the regional Centre in Singapore and local sales and service centers in China (3 locations) and India (2 locations).

Recently, we have moved together with HOMAG Asia, our Sister Company in the DURR Group, into Brand New Offices in Northern Singapore. With the benefit of shared services, the set-up is ready for the new challenges for the coming years. Besides the modern offices we now also have an enhanced Service Area, as well as perfect logistics infrastructure”.

25 Years ago, AGRAMKOW focused on Refrigerant Charging Systems for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning manufacturing industries. Since then, we have supplied over 500 Factories in Asia with various solutions.

Today, we focus on supporting our customers to implement Industry 4.0 solutions into their production line. We are the Centre of Competence for customers within Asia Pacific, and are constantly developing automated, digitalized and data driven solutions that will help customers increase quality, productivity and achieve greater operational results.

With our vast Asian Install base, the new AGRAMKOW is well prepared for offering Services, Software solutions as well as broad range of Equipment for the Production Lines in Asia.

“Looking ahead we are committed to setting new standards for serving our Asian customers with industry leading solutions for years to come”.

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