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PLIS Smart Suite new release

We have now released the September 2021 Edition of PLIS Smart Suite. The September 2021 edition includes many exciting new features including:

OEE support
PLIS Smart Suite now fully support measuring OEE for a production line (Line OEE). The OEE update comes with a broad range of new features to support this new feature including updates to the production monitoring service, a new web based production planning tool, a “Stop reason” library function and a web based OEE Operator input terminal for inputting “Stop Reasons”. We also added 2 new OEE Grafana dashboards and a new Power BI Template if you want to go even deeper into your OEE data.
If you would like to get started measuring OEE on your production line do not hesitate to contact you local service or sales representative and we will help you get up and running in no time!

Support for AR OMNIA II EST
The Associated Research Electrical Safety Tester – OMNIA II – is now fully supported. This means that recipes can now be centrally managed and full traceability ensured by connecting your OMNIA II to PLIS.

CPT-X Machine interface
We have now included all CPT-X based systems to the PLIS Smart Suite machine interface and these can now be monitored via the PLIS Factory Asset Cockpit. Monitor each system (or even each box) and get a total overview of your testing hardware.

Web based Production Planning tool
The production planning tool has been moved to PLIS Factory and is now 100% web based. The new layout gives an informative and intuitive view of each production line and their production targets.

Automatic Check for new updates
With this release of PLIS Smart Suite we have added an automatic check for new software versions – PLIS Smart suite will now alert you when a new version is available for download.

Furthermore this new release contains many smaller optimizations and bug fixes to ensure a even better experience when using PLIS Smart Suite. See the change log file for more information.