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The journey to sustainability: 30 years of initiatives to phase-out hydrofluorocarbons to fight climate change

30 years ago, AGRAMKOW started the development one of the world’s first hydrocarbon refrigerant charging station. It was one of our first steps towards our ambition to reduce environmental impact on the planet and the carbon footprint of our products >>>

PLIS Smart Suite May Edition 2021 Released

The May Edition of PLIS Smart suite has been released >>>

5 tips for improving efficiency and productivity at your factory

Greater process efficiency always offers a wide range of benefits, such as improved quality, reduced downtime, and cost reduction.  With these 5 tips you can maximize your equipment performance to drive greater operational efficiency >>

The AGRAMKOW A3 No-Zone Charging Solution

The AGRAMKOW A3 No-Zone Charging solution is a cost efficient, complete package solution, designed primarily for commercial manufacturers that do not require high speed production. >>>