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Students @ AGRAMKOW

If you are motivated to take a step in the right direction early on, then contact us during your studies. As an international company in the appliance industry, AGRAMKOW can provide access to technologies which move the world. As a global player, we can offer you international opportunities, already during your studies, mainly within Software programming, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, and Supply Chain Management.

We offer opportunities in i.e.:

  • Internships
  • Trainees
  • Student Assistant
  • Projects

If you are interested, please send us your application including your resume and your transcripts to

"I was pleasantly surprised when I had my job interview at Agramkow. I was asked a lot about how I imagine working here and what I want to learn. For me it is very enjoyable to have different tasks in a variety of topics. I made my Bachelor in Process- and Production Engineering. Currently I am studying Innovation and Business at the SDU Sønderborg to learn more about the business side of Engineering. Here at Agramkow I hope to get an insight in both disciplines to extend the knowledge I gain at university. The people working here are being very helpful and they are truly international. Almost all of those I met so far speak at least Danish, English and German."

Lia Gerdes, Student Assistant

„As an intern in the Technology and R&D department I have been conducting tests of new products and changes to products already in production for increasing efficiency and lowering cost. I have been given introductions to the programs used and insights to usual business practices for giving a standardized workflow. As a Mechatronics student the work experience has included: design in CAD program, purchasing and assembly of components for test, writing descriptive test reports, using test equipment, gathering test results and presenting these results to colleagues. There has been given freedom to learn about the products and include product experiences from designers to builders and set test parameters which were deemed useful from these experiences.”

Martin Ravn, Internship

"My name is Bastian and I am an Engineering student at SDU Sønderborg. For about two months I am a student assistant within the Business Intelligence department in which I work on collecting, utilizing and visualizing company related data to gain insights that otherwise would stay hidden. The atmosphere within Agramkow is very sincere and professional. Even though I have only been working here for a very short time I feel like I am already trusted to execute my tasks in an independent manner. Furthermore, very flexible hours make it possible for me to fit my work schedule perfectly to my studies so that I can exceed in both areas in an equal measure.”

Bastian Enste, Student Assistant

„I have been in Agramkow for almost one year. The first six months I was working as a student assistant, then I did an internship and now I am working on the final 5th semester project. The tasks that I am working on are not just to keep me busy, but their outcomes are actually needed and used afterwards. My colleagues here are truly professional and friendly people. I like that they are trying to keep up with the latest trends and technology. In short, Agramkow is a great company with high standards.“

Martynas Tumas, Project Thesis