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Jobs & Career @ AGRAMKOW

AGRAMKOW has been on a continuous journey of expansion, invention and development since the beginning in 1977. Over the years, the success of our company has been secured by employees able to see the opportunities and demands in the industry before our competitors. Employees willing to go above and beyond expectations.

That is why at AGRAMKOW, we know that our future development as a company depends on developing and holding on to our employees. To this end we offer you the relevant training and education as well as feedback and mentoring in your day-to-day job. To top it off we do business in several countries, and as part of the Dürr group, we offer you a career in a global company, meaning lots of opportunities for trying your hand in cross-border businesses and projects.

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Are you a student and motivated to experience working in an international company?
As a global player in the appliance industry we can offer you a variety of international opportunities.

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Working at AGRAMKOW is so much more than just a job.....   


Meet Karina Iversen who is one of our Business Controllers at AGRAMKOW

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Work life balance can be of upmost importance, especially when you have a busy family life with small and energetic kids.


Meet Lasse Nordbag Kristoffersen who is one of our Project Managers at AGRAMKOW.

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AGRAMKOW offers a posibilities to create a carreer that fits your demands...


Meet Henning Sørensen who is one of AGRAMKOW specialist working as Sr. Software Programmer..

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