Quality Management – choose the level that complies with your requirements

AGRAMKOW provides a flexible, cost effective platform for improving process quality, documentation and traceability. We call it DataLink.

DataLink gives you the opportunity to view actual performance and enhance benchmarking capabilities. Just as important, DataLink helps ensure documentation and traceability compliance.

What makes DataLink unique?

  • You work with a single interface, which makes it cost effective
  • You can use 3rd party software, which means it won't become obsolete
  • You can scale up as needed, which makes it incredibly flexible and future forward
Basic QM


DataLink Network DataLink LAN
DataLink offers more sophisticated features and storage capabilities via use of PCs linked to each filling station. Our most basic model requires a modest QM investment and includes PLC, HMI touch screen, bar-code scanner, label printer. The solution meets ISO and legal product documentation requirements. A scalable, plant-wide solution for all your fluid filling operations. Each PC connects to your network. Rather than having lots of PCs, DataLink LAN lets you streamline your operations and lower costs by managing several filling applications from a master PC or server. You simply connect your filling application equipment to the master PC via your LAN (Ethernet).