Speed up filling processes with an advanced On Line equipment tailored to your needs

AGRAMKOW On Line equipment enables you to leverage online technology to become the benchmark leader in fluid filling productivity and quality. OL systems are tailored to each company's production processes and offer the maximum degree of automation to maximize gains in productivity, throughput and quality.

If your plant has a cycle time of less than 2 minutes and a continuous operating production line that runs 6 meters per minute, then a custom-specified OL solution may be right for you.

  • Boost fluid filling throughput to increase production volume while ensuring substantive improvements in accuracy and quality.
  • Minimize process variations and material waste using fully automated filling processes
  • Manage several media simultaneously from a single filling station. 

On Line features

  • Conveyor synchronized moving console (on-line) with automatic return 
  • Flexible installation condition by separated control panel and base-unit (pump cabinets) 
  • Assembly/vacuum/pressure-based filling process technology for optimal accuracy
  • HMI (human machine interface) for process monitoring and settings (limits + parameter)
  • Drip free pneumatic clamping adapter
  • User and service friendly (including self diagnosis and fault log)
  • Low requirements for spare parts


  • ABS brake and clutch
  • Air conditioning R134a / R1234yf / R744
  • 2 * Coolant
  • Power Assistant Steering
  • Wind screen washer
  • 2 * Fuel
  • AdBlue
  • Air suspension
  • Test system (Leak detection and pedal checker)


  • Automatic arm for filling heads
  • Single media or combined filling systems
  • Network and DataLink
  • Barcode reader and printer