MV – a proven performer for medium volume production

If you are looking for a standardized solution, MV (Medium Volume) filling technology from AGRAMKOW is right for you. It offers a practical solution for quickly implementing world class fluid filling standards to enhance performance metrics. It's ideal for production plants with a cycle time of more than 4 minutes and clocked production line (stop and go).

  • Built to ensure manufacturers meet current standards (EN292 and EN-60204-1)
  • A practical stationary or mobile solution for use in the production line or the repair area
  • Performs a variety of filling processes with precision accuracy
  • Bar code scanner and printer connections
  • Electronically controlled standard process software

MV features

  • Based on technology from high volume production
  • Vacuum/pressure-based filling process technology for optimal accuracy
  • Automatic process execution for line and rectification functions
  • Drip free manual operated adapter
  • HMI (human machine interface) for process monitoring and settings (limits + parameter)
  • User and service friendly (including self-diagnosis and fault log)
  • Designed for drum supply with change over facility
  • Low requirements for spare parts
  • Size including castor wheels and integrated drip tray: 1375 x 1650 x 800 mm


  • ABS brake and clutch
  • Air conditioning R134a / R1234yf
  • Coolant
  • Power Assistant Steering
  • Test system (Leak detection)