Deploy customized Line Side Equipment to drive results

AGRAMKOW Line Side epuipment are stationary and mobile filling stations for production facilities seriously focused on making continuous quality and productivity improvements in their filling operations.

Even though LS stations are stationary, they are fast. If your production line is clocked (stop and go) and has a cycle time of anywhere from approximately  2 minutes or more, AGRAMKOW LS stations will put you firmly on track to achieving lean and fast results.

  • Ideal as a stationary or grab-and-go mobile solution to give you portability when you need it, where you want it. So it's also practical in repair areas
  • One station can handle several media at the same time and can be delivered with internal or external filling head adapters to meet individual plant requirements.
  • You save manpower hours and reduce process variations and material  waste thanks to semi-automated operations.

Line Side features

  • Assembly/vacuum/pressure-based filling process technology for optimal accuracy
  • Automatic process execution
  • Drip free pneumatic clamping adapter
  • Hose management supported by swing arm with conveyor alarm and stop
  • HMI (human machine interface) for process monitoring and settings (limits + parameter)
  • User and service friendly (including self diagnosis and fault log)
  • Designed for drum or central supply
  • Low requirements for spare parts
  • Size including castor wheels and integrated drip tray: 1375 x 1650 x 800 mm


  • ABS brake and clutch
  • Air conditioning R134a / R1234yf
  • Coolant
  • Power Assistant Steering
  • Engine, gearbox and transmission oil
  • Wind screen washer
  • Fuel
  • Test system (Leak detection and pedal checker)


  • Network and Data-Link 
  • Barcode reader and printer