Patent-pending "20K" AC Pneuadaptor.

O-ring free clamp design - 20.000 couplings per gasket.

The new AC Pneuadaptor ensures leak-free sealing every time—without the need to grease and replace O-rings. For the simple reason that it does not use O-rings for the service port. And that promises to save time and place your filling operations far ahead of the productivity curve. In short, this Pneuadaptor from AGRAMKOW is simply the fastest, more accurate filling head ever. Just as important, it works on all charging systems, not just ours.

No waste

With the AGRAMKOW Pneuadaptor, nothing goes to waste. Neither time nor spare parts. And especially not valuable refrigerants, so you maximize the value of every drop of these fluids while doing something right for the environment. With a minimum left over residue of <1g, the Pneuadaptor cuts waste and eliminates the need for expensive recovery units.

Blazing speeds

The AGRAMKOW Pneuadaptor offers filling speeds of 80-125 g per second with an accuracy rate of ±1%. No other filling head matches this level of performance. And while you may not need filling speeds like this, at least you know it will never slow you down.

Operators will like its lightweight, single-handed operation and easy assembly and disassembly. They'll be able to change coupling and valve housing units in a minute or less. And since it works for both high and low pressure, it requires less effort and fewer spare parts.

AC Pneuadaptor features

Radical new design improves operator efficiency, speeds mean time to repair (MTTR) and increases filling head utility and operational productivit

  • O-ring free zone reduces maintenance and frees operator time
  • 20.000 couplings per gasket
  • Leak-free filling: <1g left over residue
  • Ergonomic, light weight design - easy to operate and service
  • Filling speeds: 80-125 g per second
  • Fast & easy assembly/disassembly:
    • Clean or change cartridge valves or gaskets in seconds
    • Change coupling and valve housing units in < 60 seconds
  • Interoperability with virtually all systems