Products and benefits

Whatever filling application you may have - we have the right solution for you

Choosing the right fluid filling solution for the right production line application can help keep your cycle times running in high gear. With a wide range of fluid filling solutions to fit any facility's need – from high to low volume, online or stand-alone – AGRAMKOW can provide the best fluid filling options available. 

On Line systems: OL equipment

A tailored online solution featuring the maximum degree of automation to maximize gains in productivity, throughput and quality.

Line Side systems: LS equipment

Stationary or mobile filling stations for production facilities seriously focused on making continuous quality and productivity improvements. Even though LS stations are stationary, they are fast.

Medium volume systems: MV equipment

Standardized stations that offer a practical solution for quickly implementing world class fluid filling standards to enhance performance metrics. 

Low Volume systems / Low Volume Xtended: LV/LVX equipment 

The LV/LVX stations feature fully automated operation. The cost/performance capabilities make it attractive for applications that until now were handled manually.

Slow Low Volume systems: SLV equipment

Engineered to enable companies to meet prevailing standards and the goals of cost knock-down production (CKD) requirements.