Environmental Policy

Protecting people and the environment is fundamental to AGRAMKOW's way of doing business. 

AGRAMKOW will obey all legal and regulatory mandates and strive always to be responsive to the environmental needs of the communities we work in.

AGRAMKOW will put monitoring and metrics in place to ensure a healthy work place and to constantly improve the environmental impact of our processes and procedures.

AGRAMKOW will make continuous efforts to reduce the burden on the environment and replace substances which are harmful to the environment with substances which are less harmful

AGRAMKOW is committed to continually improving our efforts to prevent pollution.

AGRAMKOW will educate employees on how they can perform their jobs to help us meet our environmental objectives.

AGRAMKOW believes in being open about our environmental policies and performance. Therefore our environmental policies are a matter of public record.

AGRAMKOW will maintain and continuously improve a Certified Quality Environment System that complies with current ISO 14001 standards for environmental management.

Our current environmental practices, goals and improvement projects will be addressed during our annual planning process and documented in relevant action plans and procedures so that we can track our progress and success.