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Promise, Mission & Values

Improve your quality, flexibility and performance throughout your whole manufacturing process with innovative  fluid filling equipment, testing systems and SMART end-of-line solutions from AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems.

Our Promise

AGRAMKOW technologies and services are known for unparalleled reliability and safety - We call it "The safe choice".

With our unique set of capabilities we can help your company to improve quality-based performance, enabling you to compete more effectively in the appliance industry. We have more than 40 years of experience in project management, helping you to make smooth integration of equipment and solutions on a global scale.

From charging and evacuation stations to testing and integrated PLIS solutions, AGRAMKOW offer unique solutions and promise to deliver a fast return on investment and enhance your overall competitiveness.

Our Mission

AGRAMKOW is driven to improve our customers' processes and business performance – safely and reliably.

Our company's foundation is built on our values, which guide our actions.

Our values


We are committed to being a good partner, focused on building productive and collaborative relationships with our customers, alliance partners and each other. Partnership enables us to learn from the best, bring customer-driven innovations to market and share knowledge.

Network of Competence

We have a highly competent workforce and network of alliance partners with the expertise, knowledge and skills critical to achieving our customers' goals.

Quality-based Performance

We create long term customer advantages through innovative systems and customer based solutions. We are committed to achieve results that exceed expectations – our own and those of our customers.


The people we employ, as well as our alliance partners, are 100% committed to serve in the best interests of our customers, and will do so by delivering solutions that will give them a competitive edge.

Reliability and Safety

Our customers' operations and the safety of their employees depend on the quality of our solutions. For this reason, everything we make and do at AGRAMKOW will meet the highest standards of reliability and safety.

Environmental Concern

AGRAMKOW is committed to contribute to sustainable development; we will share our knowledge and contribute our expertise to achieve continuous improvement in environmental safety.