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AGRAMKOW Fluid Systems A/S is a proud member of the DÜRR Group, which is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms.

Switching to more sustainable hydrocarbon refrigerants?

Governmental and environmental legislations urge manufacturers all around the world to utilize more sustainable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons instead of non-flammable ones. If you are considering to make the switch, we at AGRAMKOW are more than happy to provide you with the necessary guidance. We are experts in the areas of safety, equipment requirements, test & performance equipment, data collection and surveillance and can give you the guidance you need to guarantee an unobstructed transition.

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PLIS Smart Suite is designed to enable appliance manufacturers to optimize and improve every process on the production line while at the same time providing a complete new insight into how you can make your line more productive and cost effective.


AGRAMKOW produces industry leading equipment within the areas of leak detection, evacuation, charging, performance testing, refrigerant supply, safety systems and communication and helps their partners bring their end-of-line production to perfection.


AGRAMKOW is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service, which is why our trained support personnel is available whenever you need them. For access to our resources, simply contact one of our Sales and Service Centers located around the globe.

SAFETY with A2L and A3 hydrocarbon refrigerants


AGRAMKOW has together with TÜV developed a revolutionary concept called "NO ZONE". When dealing with flammable refrigerants hydrocarbons such as R290 or R600, you want to minimize the risk in your production area, so we have decided to remove the risk with our "No ZONE" concept. 

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Reduce Cost & Close Down your "Hidden Factory"

The hidden factory consists of many sub-optimal processes in a manufacturing facility that lead to not only direct and indirect quality costs but also to loss of productivity. The cause is the lack of insight into where the sub-optimal processes occur and how they influence each other.

How Big is your Hidden Factory?

The untapped production potential in the hidden factory is often surprisingly high. In fact, many are amazed to learn they have more capacity in their hidden factory than they are using in their actual factory. It is often like an iceberg – to get the full picture you need to look below the surface.

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