Limit Generator Tool


Maximizes product quality – minimizes time spent on limit set-up

Setting up the correct limits for the performance test system is essential for obtaining the best possible product quality. A lot of AGRAMKOW customers have already upgraded their production with AGRAMKOW's computerized performance test system, CPT-XD  / CPT-XM, which is based on the unique smart-sensor technology. The Limit Generator Tool will make the system even more efficient.

Automatic limit set-up – including ambient temperature compensation

The Limit Generator Tool makes it easier to set up the ideal limits for the CPT-XD or CPT-XM system. Based on a few inputs from the user, the Limit Generator Tool automatically generates complete sets of set points for all sensors in a limit. It can also calculate a compensation table for ambient temperature.

Plug-in for the PLIS system

The Limit Generator Tool can be added to the customer's existing PLIS system or it can be implemented in the new PLIS 4.0 version



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